The "All-in-one" App for your construction project.

A building project is a big challenge. PlanBuildPro helps you to

  • organize the construction activities
  • create & plan the costs
  • have a detailed view of the costs
  • plan and supervise the submissions
  • have all information about construction partners centrally available
  • document the construction progress or defects in the photo protocol

Everything in just one app! Use the app for yourself or with other people.

System requirements

Construction schedule - full control.

The graphical construction schedule gives you a total overview of all your construction activities, both chronologically and grouped by building trades. Especially if you share your project e.g. with your architect, you are both always up to date with the current status of your construction project.

iPad Version

Photo protocol - black on white and in colour.

The photo protocol not only records the progress of your building project in picture and text, it also functions as a diary. So you can share the project e.g. with your site manager to document changes or defects. Also as an architect / property developer you can use the photo protocol to inform your building partners about the construction progress - even if you are not on site.

Cost overview

Keeping an eye on all construction costs is important, after all it is your money. PlanBuildPro helps you to record all expenses and deposits. Enter the expenses (planned or already paid) and preferably with an attachment (PDF or JPG of the original invoice or offer). With the „budget-o-meter" you have all the relevant figures at a glance and you can see directly whether you still have financial leeway.

Tasks - Everything done!

All open tasks are sorted by date and overdue tasks are highlighted in color. In addition, the tasks that have elapsed in time are also highlighted in the project overview. Completed tasks are displayed below the open tasks for completeness.

Building partners - a strong team.

Create your construction partner contacts and the associated construction activities, record all costs with quotation/invoice and tasks. You can also assign several building trades to construction partner.

PDF Export - For the archive or to print on paper.

You can export a PDF from the construction schedule and/or the cost overview, e.g. for your documents or to send it directly via e-mail to other partners of your construction project.

This makes collaboration very simple.

How are my projects synchronized with my other devices?

Your projects will be synchronized automatically on all your iOS devices. Therefore it is necessary to have an Apple ID and to have iCloud activated on your iOS devices.

How can I share a project with one or more people?

You can share projects with more than one person. All participants must have the PlanBuildPro App installed on their iPhone or iPad to access and edit the project.

Can I share different projects with different people?

If you manage several projects, e.g. as an architect, you can share them with other people, e.g. building owner or building trades, via the project settings.

Scope of functions / Features


  • Creating construction projects
  • Construction projects iCloud Sync
  • Building projects with several people share Coming soon
  • Project overview with all relevant information
  • Create individual trades
  • Appearance (light and dark mode)
  • Push notifications

Construction schedule

  • Overview of construction activities (compact and detailed view)
  • Individual construction activities/phases
  • Assigning Construction Activities to a Construction Partner
  • Displaying tasks in the construction schedule
  • Export construction schedule as PDF file
  • Send construction schedule via e-mail, save e.g. iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and much more.


  • Enter costs
  • Change status of costs (planned or paid), with direct effect on budget-o-meter and PDF
  • Equity shown separately
  • Swiping to change the status (1.2)
  • Budget-o-meter
  • Enter costs (without building partner assignment)
  • Grouped by trades
  • Subtotals by trade
  • Attach file attachments e.g. quotations / invoices as PDF, JPG, PNG to cost entries
  • Export cost overview as PDF
  • Send cost overview via e-mail, save e.g. iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDive and much more.

Photo protocol

  • Create daily photos
  • Create daily comments
  • Assigning an Entry to a Construction Partner


  • Creating tasks
  • Sort by open, overdue, and completed tasks
  • Swiping to change the status
  • Assigning a task to a construction partner
  • Export task list as PDF
  • Tips for planning can be found in the demo project

Building partner

  • Create construction partner
  • Import contacts from the address book app
  • List of all building partners
  • Sort by name or trade
  • Assign construction partners to several trades
  • View construction activities, costs, tasks and log per construction partner
  • Add cost per trade
  • Add construction activities per trade
  • Create and edit further trades

PlanBuildPro requires iOS 13/MacOS 13 or higher: